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Day 3- The New You Juice Challenge

Greetings Cleansing Family, Congrats on the third day of the New You Juice Challenge. What a team! Today, Thursday as part of your juice options we're adding some incredible root superfoods: Tumeric and Diakon Radish. Powerful Turmeric comes from the root of the...

Ethiopian Christmas Genna at WBC

Bobo Shanti had a great service here at the WorldBeat Center. We were honored to have them here. Day 3 of Juice Fast on Ethiopian Christmas, called Genna. Served fresh juices and raw salad.

Day 2- The Juice Cleanse Challenge

Greetings Cleansing Family, I am very proud of everyone that met the cleansing challenge today. Just drinking the juice cleanse alone or eating a raw salad and fruits is a form of cleansing. Those who are continuing the cleanse challenge tomorrow, Wednesday we will be...

Day 1 of the Juice Cleanse – New Year, New You!

Greetings on your first day of the New You! Juice Cleanse,     Your health is your wealth. In America, we over eat during the holiday season so this is now the perfect time to give your body rest. Winter is the time to hibernate, slow down and if...

Children’s Winter Camp at WBC

Children's Winter Camp at WorldBeat Center was great! Kids learned everything from hip hop dance, theatre, yoga, outdoor activities & and song skills.

Drumming in the New Years!

Drumming in the New Year with Christine Stevens and friends. We handed out over 100 drums to the crowd and everyone played along for the New Years. The energy was raised the such a high level that we kept drumming for hours!

Fire Ceremony at NYE celebration

After the New Years celebration we did our traditional fire ceremony were we burn our fears & wishes for the new year. We stayed up until dawn to catch the new years Sun.

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