Do you struggle with fatigue? Do you constantly feel stressed?  Are you always getting sick?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this new discovery could help. 


My life drastically changed forever when I took a vacation in 2007 to the Southern Alps of Italy. 


While there, I spent two weeks with an Intentional Community called the Federation of Damanhur, which has captivated worldwide attention as a laboratory for experimenting with sustainable ways of living in harmony with nature, its elements and forces.


One expression of this experimentation is The Music of the Plants in which communication with the plant world inspires concerts where the musicians are trees, and the plants play music alongside human musicians.


Three quarters of the way through my trip I had the opportunity to go with a group of people to see this experiment first hand. 


Let me describe to you what happened that day…


From the road where we parked our cars, the hill was illuminated with color from the depth of greenery that blanketed the ground. A worn, dirt path meandered into the forest where tall majestic trees reached high up to the sky. You could feel magic in the air as you entered this Sacred Forest.  


Here, a group of researchers had set out to learn how to live in harmony with the forest without disturbing its ecology.  


It was like walking onto a Universal Studios modern day Robin Hood movie set!


High up in the trees were several private quarter tree houses that had suspended bridges connecting them all to a common area building that held a shared kitchen.  


In the common area building, my ears perked up as I heard this very angelic music in the background.  

I asked our guide for the name of the CD that was playing so I could buy it at the gift shop. 


In response, she took our group out onto the balcony and showed us a plant.  It was connected to some equipment and speakers. She told us it was the plant playing the music.  


I was astounded and enchanted, and wanted to know more.


We were told that once the researchers of this community had mastered how to live in harmony with the forest without disturbing its ecology—they took their research to the next level and set out to discover if nature could communicate with us.  


They were able to develop a biofeedback system that measures the electrical resistance of vegetable tissue and translates the signals into sound via a MIDI synthesizer.  This enabled the plants to manipulate the sound themselves, and they began to do just that! It was the plant playing music!


Amazed, we were then able to take the equipment, the plant, and 100 feet of extension cord and walk deep into the forest stopping at a grove of birch trees. 


Our guide connected the small houseplant up to the equipment again, and while we waited for the plant to play music, proceeded to explain that all vegetation has a unique song they sing. 


The indigenous shaman knew this.  This is why they would ‘journey with the spirit of the plant’ and listen to its song.  This is how they were able to discover how to use plants for healing.


Unfortunately, it was explained, we have created such a toxic environment on the planet that most plants have forgotten they can sing and communicate with us.  The wonderful news is that this very houseplant we had heard singing had become what they call a teacher plant.’  It is actually reminding the birch trees and the all other vegetation around it that it too has a song and can sing!


After about 15 minutes of listening to this teacher plant sing in this magical forest, our guide disconnected the houseplant from the equipment and connected it to the birch tree. 


All of a sudden, my ears were abuzz with the splendor of the most grandiose, deep baritone sound I had ever heard in my life.


This birch tree was playing music that I could feel vibrating every cell in my body. I was immediately taken on a journey that I can only explain as similar to what I can best describe as a lucid dream.


I began seeing what looked like a movie playing out before me.  I was seeing all kinds of different events with plants playing music.  


Then the movie stopped and started playing over again.  This time it was frame-by- frame, picture-by- picture and I kept hearing a voice say, 


“This is what you are going to do with the plant music!” 


The movie played over and over and as I watched each picture, each frame of the movie flash before my eyes; I felt as if these scenes were being burned into the recesses of my memory. 


When my awareness returned to the group presentation, I found I had tears streaming down my face, I had chills running throughout my body and my hairs were standing up on end.   Needless to say, it was a very cathartic and surreal experience for me. And I knew with my entire being, I would begin my own journey with plant music right then.


I asked our guide how I could buy the equipment and discovered they did not have it for sale. 

They were only using it for their own research. 


I felt so strongly that I had experienced a profound instruction from the plants themselves, that I knew this couldn’t stop me.  I remember saying, ‘I’m like the Blues Brothers! I am on a mission from God! 

I have to take this equipment home with me!  I only have three days left on my trip, so how can we make this happen?’


During those remaining three days, they went to work making me my very own ‘Music of the Plants Machine.’   I became one of the first people to buy this equipment and bring it to the United States. 


Back home, my unforgettable experience that day with the Birch tree kept me fixated on doing everything I could to understand what had happened.


My search for answers led me to the book ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ and the research Cleve Backster did in 1966, which became known as the Backster Effect.


Cleve Backster was America’s foremost lie-detector examiner and through a series of experiments using lie-detector equipment he discovered that plants appear to be sentient.


It made sense to me that plants would be sentient.  We already know plants provide us so much.  

They provide the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicine we need.   

And now we know they can play music!  


I couldn’t help but ask the question, what else can plants do?


It wasn’t too long before I began noticing that whenever my own houseplant was playing music,

I was more relaxed, calm and at peace. 


There was a period of time when I was experiencing insomnia.  After several nights of trying everything I could think of to help me sleep, I laid on the floor in my newly designated ‘plant room.’  I was just listening to my prayer plant play music and thought ‘I wish she could help me go to sleep. ‘ 


The next thing I know I woke up on the floor after having slept very peacefully all night long. I quickly realized that I could rid myself of my insomnia by listening to the plant play music for me.  

I have never had a sleepless night since.


This began my quest to take my own plant music research to the next level.   I wanted to know what effects what I now called Plant Music Therapy™ can have on the body, mind and spirit.


Beginning with evaluating the effects on our body itself, I launched a several Single-Case Studies as a Pilot Protocol.  


We already know our blood transports oxygen, nutrients, and other life-giving agents throughout our bodies and blood cells can be examined as a predictor of health and an indicator of illness before symptoms appear.


Since our blood is our medium for detoxification—delivering cellular debris and waste to the liver and kidneys for elimination from the body— I set out to evaluate the effects of Plant Music Therapy™ may have on our blood cells themselves.


After 12 weekly sessions of listening to the plant play music we discovered something truly amazing. 


The bloodstream revealed that Plant Music Therapy™ actually detoxes the body!


                                              Before                                                                                                                     After

Additionally, we discovered:

  • Dramatic improvements in circulation and
  • Significant strengthening of the immune system


Subjects also reported:


  • Improved energy levels and endurance
  • A reduction in stress levels
  • And an improved sense of peace and harmony overall



In 2015 I presented my research findings at the 23rd ISSSEEM, International Study for the Science of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine Science Symposium in Unity Village, MO and the Subtle Energy Retreat at Blue Sky Ranch in Lakeside, CA. 


In 2016 I orchestrated the first Earth Day Plant Music Concert in San Diego, CA and will be performing our 4th Earth Day Plant Music Concert at Worldbeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park on April 28th, 2019.


In 2018 I was a Keynote Speaker at the 25th ISSSEEM Conference and have been asked to speak st the 2020 Subtle Energy Retreat. 


We are currently gathering additional funding for testing equipment and larger studies and are taking this leading edge research to the next level.


I have so many more questions now of course!  


What If we can … use Plant Music Therapy™


  • As a naturally effective way to keep our immune system strong!
  • Could be an easy healthy way to relieve stress!
  • And improve the health and wellbeing of the whole person!


This is clearly just the tip of the iceberg in understanding how Plant Music Therapy™ affects the body, mind and spirit.


There are currently four ways to experience Plant Music Therapy™:


  1. Stop by our booth at the Worldbeat Cultural Center for a private mini-session at the Earth Day Celebration in Balboa Park. 
  2. Purchase a Plant Music Therapy™ CD or recording download
  3. Attend a Sound Healing and the Plant Kingdom event
  4. Host a private event for you, your family and friends


If you are interested in helping Teresa with her research and/or mission, you may email her directly at 

[email protected] For more information visit