Archive of WorldBeat Center’s Virtual Events
Please bear with us as these events were live and there were errors as we learned how to use the technology to broadcast.


32nd Martin Luther King Day Celebration

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one that we want to share with our children, especially in today’s world. While we can’t have our 32nd annual MLK Celebration in person we are continuing our programming virtually. One of Dr. King’s dearest message was a message of unity. All nations together regardless of the color of their skin or creed. Every year WorldBeat Center showcases our drum and dance classes representing the cultures of the world as well the sacred dances and music of the indigenous and native peoples.

The evening featured archived cultural performances, guest speakers Chico Freeman and Avery Sharpe, Reggae artists Pato Banton, Wayne Stoddart and the Righteous Revolution as well as archived Reggae performances by Yami Bolo, Lutan Fyah, Warrior King, the Rastafarians, Kush, and Layne Tadesse. MC’d by Ras Pablo and Makeda Dread. Plus we’ll have community reflections on what Martin Luther King has meant to them.

Celebrating the 7 Days of Kwanzaa

WorldBeat Cultural Center will be celebrating its 40th Annual Celebration virtually on social media. Since Kwanzaa is an African American holiday that is celebrated through community gatherings, we have decided to continue the daily ritual online and bring it to your homes. Each night will feature live and archived content of special guest speakers or performers, Ceremonial candle lighting and libation with drumming, Poetry Readings, and view of the Karamu – the traditional feast and family get down.

Kwanzaa is an African American Holiday celebrated from the 26th of December to the 1st of January. It was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga to celebrate and reaffirm family, community, and culture.

The African Presence and Black Communities of Peru

Featuring renowned historian, Dr. Runoko Rashidi. For his last series presentation, Dr. Rashidi will examine the Black presence in the Moche civilization of ancient Peru and a photographic overview of the Black community in El Carmen, Peru. 

Our second guest, José Miguel Vidal, anthropology professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. will share some insights about the resistance of Africans and Afro-descendants in Peru among colonial era and the beginnings of the republic.

Dharma Talk: Cultivating Awakening Emotions by Tuere Sala – September 25th

Insight San Diego and Worldbeat Center welcome Tuere Sala to San Diego. Tune in for a dharma talk, the first day of a weekend retreat focused on ‘Awakening Emotions’

The African Resistance to Enslavement Latin America featuring Runoko Rashidi – August 26th

The African Presence in Latin America featuring Runoko Rashidi is a three-part webinair and the African Resistance to Enslavement Latin America is part 2. This livestreamed event looks at The African Resistance to Enslavement in Latin America, including slave revolts and maroon communities.


This is a bilingual virtual presentation and talk with Israel Reyes Larrea, founder of Africa AC from Costa Chica, Oaxaca Mexico. Israel shares with us his photographic documentation of the Black and indigenous community of Costa Chica. 

Afro-Mexico: The (In)visibilization of Blackness in Mexico & Struggle for Inclusion Series

Watch part 1 of a 2 part series featuring Jorge Gonzalez, Director of the Afro-Mexican department at the Worldbeat Cultural Center and Patricia Ann Talley. Jorge shared a virtual multi-media presentation that will cover more than 200+ years of Afro-Mexican history. He will share excerpts from his 2012 M.A. thesis from UCSB focused on his field research in the Afro-Mexican region of Costa Chica, Oaxaca.

 African Presence In Latin America featuring Runoko Rashidi-

July 22nd

The African Presence in Latin America featuring Runoko Rashidi is a three-part webinair that looks at the subject in a vastly different light than we are used to. The livestreamed event looks at the Ancient African Presence in the Americas with a focus on the African presence in classical Meso-American civilization, including the Olmec, the Maya and the Moche.  

Virtual Community Conversation: Malcolm X 95th Birthday Panel – Tuesday, May 19th

Listen to San Diego’s community speaking on and honoring the legacy of Malcolm X.

Virtual Community Conversation: Malcolm X 95th Birthday Panel – Tuesday, May 19th

Listen to San Diego’s community speaking on and honoring the legacy of Malcolm X.

Tribute to Bob Marley from the Legends of Reggae! – Tuesday, May 12th

Check out WorldBeat Productions virtual tribute to Bob Marley’s ascension day featuring video content from past Tribute to the Reggae Legends performances.

Under the Crescent Moon: Poetry and Open Mic – Sunday, May 9th

Under the Crescent Moon: Poetry Reading and Open Mic, an Extension of National Poetry Month Featuring Co-Hosts Makeda Dread and Jim Moreno Poets: Pilar Rodriguez Aranda, Mavi Robles- Castillo, Sharon Elise, Theresa F., Delores Fisher, Gloria James, Joe Milosch, Gerardo Navarro, Johnnierenee Nia Nelson, Chris Vannoy and Lori Walkington

Presented by WorldBeat Cultural Brigade and The ReEvolutionary Poets Brigade.


Virtual Multi-Cultural Earth Day – Sunday, April 19th

This year our Virtual Earth Day line up featured keynote speakers Dr. Roopa Chari and Aris Latham, live performances by Warrior King, President Brown, Dre Tosh, Sammy Roots and Mariea Antoinette, native blessing by Tim Red Bird, guest speakers Dr. Starla Lewis, Matt Powers, Queen Esther, meditation by Art of Living, poetry readings by Johnnierenee Nia Nelson and Alyce Cooper plus DJ sets by DJ Mykol Orthodox and DJ Mafondo. And don’t miss a special feature of our noise refuge project featuring a live plant music concert and members of our NSF noise pollution grant project! 

Every year we celebrate Earth Day as our birthday and this year marked 31 years since our first event in Balboa Park.

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