Advocacy for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

WorldBeat Cultural Center Racial and Equity Statement:

Social justice, racial equity, cultural diversity, gender equality, and inclusion are paramount values at the forefront of the WorldBeat Cultural Center. For over 30 years, from the heart of our community in Balboa Park, San Diego, we have been committed to this work. We are a community-based organization that promotes, reflects, hosts, and breathes multi-cultural diversity focusing on elevating the pride and voices of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) cultures of the world. Our mission is to heal the world through the arts, music, dance, and gardening. 

In all our programming, WBC intentionally strives to create a space for BIPOC who have been historically excluded from dominant culture society. We are a vehicle where BIPOC can safely voice their truth, acknowledge their experiences, connect, and network. We’ll provide equitable opportunities that elevate BIPOC Values and well-being. 

We are committed to doing this, beginning within our own community. Our mission, vision, and values reflect our commitment to live and practice this statement on a daily basis in all we do.

We intentionally identify and dismantle systemic racism, social injustice, and racial inequity for years. We have experienced it and we work to dismantle it through our programming. 

To continue with our organization’s community-oriented commitment to create a better world without racism, we want to partner with other organizations, communities, entities, and individuals who want to collaborate in these efforts meaningfully. We understand the role of power dynamics in dominant culture and address these issues through our programming to bring cultural understanding, and create an environment/world/system where racism can cease to exist/be rooted out.


About the Noise Project

Our research is part of the NOISE Project, a national community science project on the effects of noise pollution funded by the National Science Foundation (DRL-1811234). It’s a co-created project in collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and ICBOs. WorldBeat Center is one of the four CO-PI organizations leading the research and we bring the Arts in STE(A)M.  We are raising awareness about noise pollution and promoting wellbeing and connection with nature – starting in our communities and moving to a national and global scale! We will identify loud areas, and create “noise refuges.” We’ll also record our levels of stress and well-being in those soundscapes.  

To be most effective, we must change the way science is done so it includes our community voices. Collaborating in an equitable way means that this research isn’t being done “traditionally.” It’s co-created and co-led by community members so our communities benefit directly. We’re consciously prioritizing the values and strengths of our communities. We abide by our co-created working agreements and community review board non-negotiables. To learn more visit



Journey to Equity and Inclusion in the Sciences Podcast

This podcast is brought to you with funding by the National Science Foundation also known as NSF. It is part of the grant Examining Contextual Factors That Influence the Implementation of Projects Designed to Improve Cultural Diversity in the informal STEM programming.

Tune in and listen to Independent Community Based Organizations (ICBOs) reflecting on our journey to equity and inclusion in the sciences in our seven years of research and collaboration.

Hosted by Makeda Cheatom and Berenice Rodriguez. Both Makeda and Berenice are ICBOs and represent WorldBeat Cultural Center.




Meaningful Collaborations addresses the question: “How can we navigate partnerships with science institutions to better implement informal science education projects in underserved communities?”

Partnerships for Impact was developed for informal science educators and outreach specialists working with diverse communities who want to learn how to partner more effectively.




The NOISE Project Publications in BioScience

The NOISE PROJECT has published its manuscript Understanding the Impact of Equitable Collaborations between Science Institutions and Community-Based Organizations: Improving Science through Community-Led Research in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal, BioScience!