The WorldBeat Cultural Center offers a wide variety of internship opportunities for students and recent graduates year round, providing invaluable hands-on experience in various departments. Internships at WBC are generally unpaid and part-time, unless otherwise noted, and may be eligible for college credit. It is up to each individual student to contact his or her school to determine the requirements for earning credit through an internship at WBC.
Each department operates its own internship program. Qualifications, duration, responsibilities, and application procedures vary accordingly. Please select one of the Positions on Volunteer Match to explore internship opportunities within a specific department.



Communication and Public Relations
Students participate in our Marketing Department and send out press to San Diego and international press contacts. Students learn how to get our events out to the public and also feel the pleasure of a successful Marketing Campaign.


Graphic Arts and Web Design
Students learn professional design and tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.
TV & Radio Broadcast / Live Webcast
WorldBeat Cultural Center has been an innovator of the Web Broadcast field starting with a grant from Real Networks in 1999. Being one of the first websites to provide Live We streaming technologies. Makeda Dread, WorldBeat Cultural Center’s Executive Director, has been on commercial radio and broadcast television for over 30 years, she has multiple degrees in Telecommunications and is our main instructor to our youth run radio and TV station.
Events Production
Interns Learn hands on concert production from all angles. Promoting, sound production, lighting, advancing the date, administration, budgeting, contracting and more!
DJ School
Students are able to run their own Radio DJ Program. Interns are taught by Resident DJ Carlos Culture. With this program our students were able to interact with our after school program in Lemon Groove Schools.