Join us for a one-of-a-kind music concert, like nothing you have experienced before.  This year’s event will feature 5 different plants playing music, creating a concerto for those in attendance. The concert will be led by plant music therapist and sound healer, Teresa Helgeson.

During this event you will…

  • Learn about this new and upcoming form of sound therapy and the research that has changed the way we view plants.
  • Hear the different sounds created by each of the plants playing music.
  • Experience a symphony of soothing sounds, as the plants play in concord.
  • Deepen your connection to nature.
  • Reduce Your Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
  • Boost Your Immune System.

You will be enlightened – in a way – like never before.

There will be a limited number of CD’s available, but an unlimited amount of music-download cards available for sale.

Waves of Change – This music was recorded on the beach of the Pacific Ocean in Northern, CA with Pixie the ‘Prayer Plant’. Collected data suggests the calming effects of this music may help lower your risk for heart disease.

Gentle Giants – This music was recorded in Northern California with a giant Redwood measuring 30 feet in diameter. This tree played very gentle music that is relaxing and warming to body, mind and spirit.

Charming Children – This music was recorded with Pixie the ‘Prayer Plant’ and a lemon balm herb. Data collected suggests that the tranquil and soothing effects of this music may help children who display hyperactivity to become calm.

Lavender Spa Package – This is the first product of its kind that combines the use of hypnotic music by the lavender plant, lavender organic essential oils and lavender bath salts to create an experience that reduces stress and enhances mood.