In July 2019, I came to San Diego as a cultural visitor and volunteer, and was very honored to study and communicate here. I have to say that I saw many Amercian children who were very interested in Chinese culture at the WorldBeat Center, so I gave the children a lesson about learning Chinese characters on August 8th.

 Before the formal teaching, the children happily said hello to me in Chinese, and then introduced themselves one by one, which made us have a deep impression on each other. After that, I taught them 8 Chinese phrases respectively: The US, China, Boy, Girl, Panda, Bird, Love. To help to memorize these phrases well, I also played 2 fun games to give them a general understanding of Chinese culture through laughter. And finally, I taught the children to say goodbye in Chinese, then a Chinese lesson ended happily.

 In a word, I believe those children will broaden their horizons after Chinese class. To me, I also feel the different learning enthusiasm of Amercian children. As an old Chinese saying goes, kill two birds with one stone.