On October 29th, a momentous event took place as the Home for Humanity Movement for Planetary Regenerative officially recognized the WorldBeat Cultural Center as an “Exemplary Home for Humanity.” The ceremony, held from 3 PM to 5 PM, was a celebration of the center’s exceptional contributions to the community and the world at large.

The event was filled with the heartbeat of live drumming, the eloquence of poetry, and the enriching exchange of community conversation. It was an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together and acknowledge the positive impact that the WorldBeat Cultural Center has had on the world.

WorldBeat Center received this prestigious recognition for its unwavering commitment to integral, whole-life activities that encompass culture and art, education, and the nurturing of the Peace Garden. The Peace Garden, adorned with indigenous and edible plants, serves as a symbol of the unity and interconnected wholeness of life, as expressed in the hUmanUNITY charter.

The Home for Humanity Movement is a global initiative that unites changemakers from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ages across all continents. This movement is founded on the belief that every individual, regardless of their circumstances and context, plays a crucial role in co-creating a better future and in making Earth a true home for all living beings once more.

The recognition of the WorldBeat Cultural Center as an “Exemplary Home for Humanity” is a testament to its dedication to fostering a sense of community, promoting peace, and inspiring positive change on a global scale. The event served as an occasion to celebrate this well-deserved honor and to reflect on the power of unity and collaboration in creating a more harmonious and regenerative planet.