On July 23rd, WorldBeat Center and reggae enthusiasts came together to celebrate the enduring spirit of reggae and pay homage to the iconic Haile Selassie I on his birthday. The special concert featured two extraordinary reggae artists, Dezarie and Hempress Sativa, making it an evening to remember.

Hempress Sativa, hailing from Jamaica, has a musical lineage deeply rooted in the reggae sound system, following in the footsteps of her father. WorldBeat Center has been closely associated with Hempress since the early days of her reggae journey. Over the years, she has carved her path in the reggae world, collaborating with San Diego’s very own Tribal Seeds and capturing the hearts of reggae enthusiasts in Mexico. Her music resonates strongly with indigenous communities, who recognize the frequency of love, equality, and justice for all that reggae embodies.

Dezarie, often referred to as the underground queen of reggae, boasts a devoted fanbase, particularly in Brazil. Her angelic voice, guided by the forces of nature, creates an enchanting and transcendent musical experience. Dezarie’s connection to the earth is profound, as she is also a dedicated farmer. Her new single, “Breathe In Strength,” served as the inspiration for organizing a Healing Night for the San Diego community. This special event featured sound healing, crystal healing, and a soul-stirring performance by Dezarie, accompanied by San Diego harpist Mariea Antoinette. Dezarie’s journey into reggae was marked by her discovery by another underground reggae group from the Virgin Islands, Midnite. Midnite’s distinctive sound, characterized by slow melodic rhythms, remains unparalleled in the reggae genre.

As we celebrate this reggae journey, it’s a profound blessing to commemorate Vaughn Benjamin’s birthday. Vaughn, the lead singer of Midnite, passed away four years ago, leaving behind a legacy of over 70 albums and compilations that continue to inspire reggae enthusiasts to this day. Happy Birthday, Vaughn Benjamin! Your genius and contribution to reggae music are celebrated and cherished.