Juneteenth should be a time to appreciate the hardships that our ancestors went through for us to be here today. It’s great to celebrate and have a joyous celebration for our liberation, but we are not free yet; the chains are off our bodies but still on our minds. This is what our society and Willie Lynch consciousness have taught us, to divide and hate ourselves. This is the cause of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We still carry trauma from slavery and the many horrors that we suffered in captivity. We should teach that a people united will never be defeated. We should build cultural centers and museums so that we can teach the truth. By teaching our indigenous roots, the truth will set us free. They are trying to hide the truth by calling it Critical Race Theory and closing libraries, banning books, changing curriculums, and continuing acts of oppression. 

We all need to wake up and invoke our ancestors to guide us. Our children are vulnerable and need to outdoors. The homeless population is out of control, and the mental health of our brothers and sisters is alarming and unfair. It is unfortunate that today many people have become numb to witnessing crises on the streets. Let’s not forget that we have a fentanyl and drug crisis. Our public health is in danger. Climate change should concern all of us. We need to take a look at all of this and save our children, our families, and our future generations.

We must start by taking care of our health. Make sure your family is not eating out every day at these fast food restaurants. Try to eat organic foods, grow your own food, and support your local farmers. These billionaires don’t care about you. They are trying to get you sick so that you continue to support the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why it’s imperative that you and your partner take care of your consciousness by meditating, practicing breathwork, qigong, capoeira, and engaging in spiritual practices and exercise. This will give you a positive outlook on life. Babylon has made us dependent on them in every way. We have to break the chains. Learn about herbal healing like our ancestors did. Stop overeating meat. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Fast with every change of season. Join us for our Summer Fast and get your juices at WorldBeat Center. Fasting will help you control your senses and desires and will help you build inner strength. This is why many great spiritual practices teach it; fasting teaches inner control.

Finally, help your brothers, sisters, elders, and everyone in between. People have become so cold, just like Babylon. Let’s build an economy of kindness, not greed. Travel, visit brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. Support businesses owned by people of color. Stop sabotaging each other. Love is the highest emotion we have. Please be kind.

Ubuntu, I exist because of you.



PS: You never know when I’m going to call you to stand with me.