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An Educational Talk On Feeding Our Body’s Flora and How Keep it Thriving

July 15, 2015
7:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Join us for a fun talk with Vegan Chef Ken Dorr on how to Feed and nourish one of the most overlooked yet important organs of our body.


    You’ll be surprised to know which one it is. It also may not be one you’ve ever thought about.

    There is a vibration within us and it resonates throughout our community and reaches and stretches far beyond our wildest dreams.

    Bring an open mind and we’ll discuss tips and ways to keep your immune system healthy.

    Topics presented will include:

    • Foods that are rich in energy-connecting flora

    • What we put on our skin is deeply important

    • My candida story and how it changed my life and set me on a much cleaner path

    • Making each part of your journey an opportunity to grow • A vegan chef’s perspective on how to easily make fermented foods and incorporate them into you daily life.

    There is plenty of free parking across the street from the World Beat Center.


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