The arts have been hit very hard during these times, but the WorldBeat Cultural Center has been resilient in keeping strong for 31 years in Balboa Park and will stay committed for generations to come. WorldBeat Cultural Center realizes that it is not easy for any grassroots organization, that’s why it takes all of us in the community to collaborate and help save our community, our family, our nation and our Mother Earth. It’s a time to put all petty differences aside and come together as ONE HUE-MAN RACE.

During these two months Balboa park has been closed so WorldBeat Center had to strategize on how to keep serving our community, especially seeing that people of color are the most vulnerable and have the most number of deaths caused by COVID-19. As a cultural center we felt it our duty to spark up “Operation Reset”. Collectively reinventing ourselves seeing what is most important during these times, finding our inner strengths that will help not only ourselves but our fellow neighbors to thrive and survive. It takes a community to save the community.

We’ve been connecting with so many people and it’s definitely a rainbow of elders and sisters that formed the Sisters Circle of Resilience. Starting with our first sister from Oceanside who one day surprised us and dropped off homemade masks for the whole WorldBeat team. She said “the schools are closed and I’m not working, so all I do now is make masks all day, haha!” Maye’s generosity made us realize a lot of people were out of work and this gave us the opportunity to keep the money flowing through the community.


From here we started the Masks of Compassion program where we reached out to other members of the community like Bobbie Miller and Ahn. Through our beautiful sister/ auntie/ grandmother beloved Miss Johnnierenee we also met Miss Bobbie Hems and her daughter. Talk about resilience, Miss Bobbie is 87 years old and her daughter is 65 and they are the most humble, grateful, compassionate, and kindest people I ever met. In fact she’s been feeding the homeless for the past 8 years and she gave us the inspiration to help her feed the homeless too. We realized that Their health is OUR health and we could help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by helping the most vulnerable people with the least access to hygiene and healthy foods. With the help from food donations from the community One WorldBeat Cafe has been able to start “Mission Soup on the Street” to help Reverend C. Smith feed the homeless healthy and nutritious food, as well as masks to help prevent the spread of the virus.


We are so grateful for Miss Bobbie and all of our Sisters Circle of Resilience. We are committed to keeping our elders strong by making a crucial part of “Operation Reset” being to supply each of them with all the herbs and healing remedies fresh from our garden by providing them with their own plants to grow in planter boxes, ones that are suitable just for them, convenient, and easy to maintain.

Walking through the garden with Miss Bobbie was such a gift and blessing and also an affirmation to how important and necessary it is for our elders to tend to living food as they water the plants giving life, love, and faith to grow, the plant in return reflects that same love with more life and gives us nurushing food and oxygen.

WorldBeat Cultural Center’s Sisters Circle of Resilience thanks those who have sent donations and those who bought our Masks of Compassion. Your contribution is an act of Community Saving the Community! If you would like to help sustain “Operation Reset” and help our wishes come true please go to our website to donate or email [email protected] to purchase a Mask of Compassion.