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The Worldbeat Cultural Center has a variety of amazing classes from drumming to dancing to youth education and environmental awareness.

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We regularly have reggae shows, international dance competitions, awareness events, and so much more!

WorldBeat Center, the home of San Diego Tiako - Japanese Drumming Department

African Drum Class at WorldBeat Cultural Center

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As a non-profit multi-cultural arts organization we are dedicated to promoting, presenting & preserving the African Diaspora & Indigenous cultures of the world through Music, Art, Dance, Education, Sustainability & Technology. We are located in beautiful Balboa Park in the heart of San Diego, California. Through consciousness raising the WorldBeat Center promotes peace within our San Diego community by providing on-going programs and services that nurture the spirit of children, the elderly, and everyone in between. Our main goal is then to create unity within diversity.




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Sustainable Building

The WorldBeat Center received LEED Silver Certification in 2012 largely due to its energy and water efficiency efforts, installation of Solatube Daylight Systems and with assistance from the Green Assistance Program (GAP) through the San Diego Green Building Council. The WorldBeat Center staff is excited to attempt LEED Platinum during the recertification process in 2019.

Recent Activity at WBC!

Day 5- The New You Juice Challenge

Bless up Family, You are what you eat and you become what you think. Wow, so many sisters and brothers interested in improving their health and increasing their inner wealth. Today will be our fifth day in the cleanse and tomorrow, Sunday will be our last day for this...

Day 4- The New You Juice Cleanse

Greetings Cleanse Challenge Team, Your health is your wealth. Yes! People keep coming to be cleansed. It's good that we let our juicer be our drug store. I'm proud of all of you for trying to eat simpler and cleaner and sticking to a plant based diet. With your...

Day 3- The New You Juice Challenge

Greetings Cleansing Family, Congrats on the third day of the New You Juice Challenge. What a team! Today, Thursday as part of your juice options we're adding some incredible root superfoods: Tumeric and Diakon Radish. Powerful Turmeric comes from the root of the...

Ethiopian Christmas Genna at WBC

Bobo Shanti had a great service here at the WorldBeat Center. We were honored to have them here. Day 3 of Juice Fast on Ethiopian Christmas, called Genna. Served fresh juices and raw salad.

Day 2- The Juice Cleanse Challenge

Greetings Cleansing Family, I am very proud of everyone that met the cleansing challenge today. Just drinking the juice cleanse alone or eating a raw salad and fruits is a form of cleansing. Those who are continuing the cleanse challenge tomorrow, Wednesday we will be...

Day 1 of the Juice Cleanse – New Year, New You!

Greetings on your first day of the New You! Juice Cleanse,     Your health is your wealth. In America, we over eat during the holiday season so this is now the perfect time to give your body rest. Winter is the time to hibernate, slow down and if...

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